Assisting Municipalities with Fiber

Bringing fiber coverage across mid-Michigan

For decades, ACD has been the leading internet service provider, for providing fiber coverage across Michigan municipalities. We are proud to keep expanding our capacity and serve residents and businesses across Delhi Township, Sturgis, Dowagiac, Eaton Rapids, and Hillsdale. Can we help your community with its fiber network?

Delhi Township

In the Summer of 2019, ACD was pleased to announce the opening of a Gig Fiber to the Home area near Hope Middle School along Park Lane, Bond Avenue, and Holt Road. ACD also offers TV and phone services to residents and business owners.

City of Sturgis

ACD and the City of Sturgis has entered into an agreement to maintain the existing City of Sturgis fiber-optic network. As part of the agreement, ACD will be able to expand the network to provide gigabit fiber-optic services across the network to area businesses.

City of Dowagiac

ACD collaborated with residents and business owners in Dowagiac, to implement city-wide broadband fiber.

City of Eaton Rapids

In recent years, Eaton Rapids has collaborated with ACD to implement fiber broadband in their communities. Currently, fiber is available to businesses, schools, and utility plants; eventually, residents will start to receive fiber connections as well. Municipal and business leaders representing Eaton Rapids agree that having fiber networks gives them a competitive advantage.

City of Hillsdale

With a population between 5,000 and 9,000 residents living in Hillsdale, there is a demand for fast and reliable Internet service. ACD was able to install a fiber network with the help of a federal grant - from the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. "We are absolutely euphoric about ACD's investment in Hillsdale. To have all our governmental units and all of our businesses linked up on the same fiber network, it puts us in the same playing field as a big metropolitan area, like a Chicago or a New York, said Hillsdale Mayor, Adam Stockford. It allows us to compete with those big cities and to be able to offer the amenities of a small city, and do it more efficiently and do it friendlier."

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