The following is a list of jobs that ACD is currently accepting bids on. All RFQ's and any questions on the following should be emailed to Once the jobs are awarded they are removed from the site.



129653 - Hillsdale MI - Horizontally directionally bore from an existing handhole along the north side of Mcollum st. Heading east towards the Alley west of N. Howell St. ACD will then trench/bore the length of the public alleyway between E. Bacon St and North St. ACD will be placing 2 1.25" Conduits in the place of the bore path on the northern side of McCollum . Please see provided Project maps and Google earth files for detailed layout of plans.
150665 - Hillsdale Mi - 350 ft Underground Boring/Conduit Placement. 1 Large handhole installation.