Gigabit Ethernet Fiber

Unmatched Speed, Unwavering Reliability: Experience the Power of Gigabit Ethernet Fiber

Introducing the internet service that pushes the boundaries: Advanced Communications & Data's Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Service.

Blazing-Fast Speeds: Surf, stream, and download at lightning-fast speeds of up to 100 Gigabits per second, both upload and download. No more waiting, buffering, or lagging – just pure, unadulterated internet speed.

Rock-Solid Reliability: We understand that reliability is paramount. That's why we've built our network on a multi-layered core, featuring MPLS switches and routers. This robust architecture ensures unwavering network stability, even during peak usage periods.

Always Prepared: Our commitment to uptime doesn't stop there. We have expert fiber crews on standby, ready to respond swiftly to any unforeseen disruptions and minimize downtime.

Advanced Communications & Data: Where speed and reliability converge.

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