Commercial IPBX Systems

Upgrade Your Communications Service

Are you ready to upgrade your business's phone system? ACD's iPBX brings a big business phone system to your business without the upfront expense of a new Phone System! For a low monthly fee you get a state-of-the-art communications system for your business! Never buy a maintenance contract! Never pay a programming fee! Never pay for an upgrade! Using our breakthrough technology of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over Advanced Communications & Data's state-of-the-art network, you can efficiently use one connection for all your communications needs.

Standard and Premium Service Levels

From small "mom-n-pop" shops to large businesses and institutions, we have the right solution. Multiple offices? Homeworkers? No problem! We'll combine them into one secure communications system! Our standard Hosted iPBX service delivers you a powerful, full-featured, business-class phone system without the cost and hassle of having an on-site PBX. Standard calling features include Shared Line Appearance, Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADNs), Call Pick-up Groups, Music on Hold, and Short Code Dialing. Premium Hosted IP PBX service adds additional communications capabilities to our standard offering with features such as Unified Communications, Auto Attendant, Remote Worker support, Automated Call Distribution (ACD), and more.

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Real Business Benefits

  • Focus on your business - not your phone system.
  • No premises-based equipment to install, maintain, or occupy space.
  • Administrators and users easily manage and control all communications features from any web browser.
  • ACD's network will automatically handle calls and messages during power outages. In case of disaster, employees can forward calls to home or mobile phones.
  • Flexible infrastructure can grow as you grow.
  • Existing phone systems can easily integrate into our Hosted iPBX - providing better support for home workers and satellite offices.
  • Make the Advanced Communications & Data iPBX the last phone system you will ever buy. Feature upgrades are done in the network which is seamless for you.
  • Perform Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) at the click of a mouse.
  • Tailor calling features to individuals or groups. Control call forwarding, SimRing, and call rejection through our web portal.

Get the Features You Really Need

Hosted IP PBX service delivers the power of a PBX. All you need at your location are the Yealink phones that operate over your business LAN, (and we provide those!). Bundle our Hosted IP PBX service with our Fiber Internet Service to save money on our fully managed service.

Features of our Standard Hosted PBX service include:

  • Web portal for do-it-yourself changes and feature activation and management.
  • Caller ID, including name and number Voicemail.
  • Administrators and users easily manage and control all communications features from any web browser.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Call transfer.
  • Speed dialing.
  • Find Me Follow Me.
  • SimRing (up to 5 phone numbers, including cell phones).
  • Call hold, including Music on Hold.
  • Attendant Console.

Company Wide Features

Through our easy-to-use web portal, you have complete control over how your phone system is set up and used.

Easily make changes to your Multi-Line Hunt Groups or Multiple Area Directory Numbers, enable/disable phone settings such as call forwarding, short dial codes, sequential and simultaneous ringing, and much more.

Our Hosted IP PBX service allows for a central administrator (office manager, secretary, etc.) to change settings on the phone lines for the entire business group, and individual users to have the same control over their own extensions and IP phones.

Company Wide Features
  • Web-based Administration.
  • Auto Attendant.
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Shared Line Appearance.
  • Outgoing Call Blocking.
  • Mandatory Account Codes.
  • Selective Call Rejection.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection.
  • Screening List Editing.
  • Toll Restriction.
  • Find me/follow me (Sequential Ring).
  • Business Group Dialing Plan.
  • Special Intercept Announcements.
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN).
  • Multi-Line Hunt Groups.
  • Music on Hold.
  • Click to call (with Desktop Assistant).
  • Plus many more...
Individual Station Features
  • Station-to-station dialing.
  • Do not disturb.
  • Message waiting lamp.
  • Attendant console (line state monitoring).
  • Call park/retrieve.
  • Directed call pick-up.
  • Short codes (group and personal).
  • Account codes (mandatory and optional).
  • Internal/external caller ID presentation.
  • Distinctive ringing for internal/external calls.
  • Call forwarding (unconditional, busy, selective, fixed).
  • Call rejection (anonymous or selective).
  • Automatic recall (AR) and callback (AC).
  • Call waiting (with or without caller ID).
  • Caller ID/calling name (delivery and blocking).
  • SIP Call Forking.
  • Find-me / follow-me (configurable via web portal).
  • Plus many more...

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