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Secured Environment for Your Equipment

Advanced Communications & Data is a facilities-based service provider with thousands of broadband and fiber customers who utilize mainly download bandwidth. This gives our colocation customers access to virtually an unlimited amount of upload bandwidth at very affordable rates. Our colocation center offers solutions for customers who want to deploy a cutting-edge web site or mission-critical application on dedicated servers in the most secure and reliable environment. With colocation, you will have access to our extensive statewide MPLS network and access to the Public Telephone Network.

Advanced Communications & Data's datacenter is double-hulled, essentially a building within a building complete with a redundant roof. A highly secure and controlled environment featuring on-site 24 hours, 365 days a year operations and resilient power systems backed by APC UPS's, redundant diesel generators, air conditioning, and comprehensive physical security. The support and maintenance of a mission-critical web site can be both costly and time-consuming. This is why Advanced Communications & Data can provide a complete outsourcing solution through its fully managed colocation services. We will monitor and maintain your web solution leaving you to focus on your business.

Pricing Breakdown

Per Server colocation
  • Customer Provided Server.
  • 2Amp 120V Power (1 Outlet).
  • 100Mb/s fully Burstable Ethernet Port.
  • 1000GB Monthly Transfer.
  • Central N+1 UPS and Generator.
  • No Setup Fee.
  • Online Realtime Traffic Utilization Graphing.
  • IP's - Up to /29 (8 IPs, 5 Usable) Included.

  • Single Server - Up to 1U Rack Space: $49/Month.
  • Single Server - Up to 2U Rack Space: $59/Month.
  • Single Server - Up to 4U Rack Space: $79/Month.
  • Single Server - Up to 6U Rack Space: $99/Month.

Additional Options
  • Bulk Rate Overages: $0.50 per GB.
  • Add 1000GB Transfer: $25/month.
  • 10Mbps Unmetered Port Upgrade: $100/Month.
  • For Other Bandwidth Options Contact Us!.
Metered Rack colocation
  • Offer your servers the advantages of our world-class facilities with a pay as you use on your metered network traffic port from 1Mb/s to 10Gb/s.
  • Premium Bandwidth from Multiple Tier 1 Providers.
  • 24x7x365 Unescorted Access.
  • 100Mb/s fully Burstable Ethernet Port.
  • Upgradable to 1000Mb/s or 10Gb/s when needed.
  • Metered Bandwidth Available.
  • Online Realtime Traffic Utilization Graphing.
  • IP's - Up to /29 (8 IPs, 5 Usable) Included.
  • Central N+1 UPS and Generator.
  • No Setup Fee.

  • Quarter Rack: $195/Month
    • 5Mb/s Metered Bandwidth.
    • 10U Rack Space.
    • 5 Amp 120V Circuit.
  • Half Rack: $295/Month
    • 10Mb/s Metered Bandwidth.
    • 20U Rack Space.
    • 10 Amp 120V Circuit.
  • Private Full Rack: $500/Month
    • 100Mb/s Metered Bandwidth.
    • 42U Rack Space.
    • 20 Amp 120V Circuit.

Additional Options
  • 20Mbps Upgrade: $95/Month.
  • 30Mbps Upgrade: $195/Month.
  • 50Mbps Upgrade: $395/Month.
Neutral Rack colocation

Neutral Colocation provides you with the flexibility of your own private hosting space with the Network Providers of your choice. Negotiate your transit agreements and connect in our meet-me-room. Contact Us for More information on this service.

Cages & Wholesale colocation Services

Isolated Area Colocation (Cages) are available in 100 sq. ft. increments with many power and bandwidth options. Please call for details.

Colo Options
  • Unmetered or Metered Ports.
  • Cross Connects (DS-0, DS-1, DS-3, Ethernet, Gigabit, OC-x).
  • Hardware Provisioning and Remote Hands.
  • Professional Cable Management & Installation.
  • Custom Power Configurations (AC or DC).
  • Additional Power Per Amp.
  • Additional Fast Ethernet Ports for Redundancy or Separate Conf.
  • Managed Firewalls.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Device Monitoring.
  • Managed Backups.
  • Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Additional Bandwidth Plans.
  • BGP Announcement.
  • Access Filter List.
  • Prepaid Managed Support Plans.

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