Commercial SIP Services

Session Initiation Protocol for Phone Systems

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), for Phone Systems, allows your Voice Over Internet Protocol enabled PBX phone system to directly talk to Advanced Communications & Data's Telephone Switch Network without having to go through older interfaces like Plain Old Telephone Services or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines.

SIP Phone Service is for Companies that want to make full use of an investment in an Internet Protocol enables-PBX phone system by utilizing SIP to connect to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires were once delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows a company to replace these traditional fixed lines with SIP Trunking Service which travels over data networks. The interface that is handed off to the customer PBX is an ethernet connection.

This service can significantly lower costs for many customers since you don't need traditional POTS phone line connections. This direct connection uses the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is the new standard for sending calls over data networks. The use of ACD. VoIP service can drastically decrease company phone bills by as much as 40-70%.

Customers are increasingly foregoing having their own PBX. This has the additional advantage of decreasing the costs of maintaining and operating your own phone system. Advanced Communications & Data iPBX hosted PBX service is a very good option to consider if your phone system does not already use a SIP-based connection.

In addition to direct customers, we also provide this service to customers on a wholesale basis, to agents, resellers, and other telecommunication providers.

There are some requirements and components necessary to successfully deploy SIP trunks:

Service Provider:

Advanced Communications & Data is the Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) that connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), allowing your phone service. Often customers are also purchasing connectivity from ACD because we can guarantee Quality of Service and network reliability all the way to your PBX system in your office.

Router/Firewall Edge Device:

Advanced Communications & Data can provide the router/firewall with complete support for SIP necessary for handling the traversal of the SIP traffic.

The PBX:

In most cases the PBX is an IP-based PBX, communicating with all endpoints over Internet Protocol connections, but it may just as well be a traditional digital or analog PBX. The sole requirement is that an interface for SIP trunking connectivity is available on the PBX that the trunk can connect to. In nearly all instances this is done via an Ethernet connection.

Advanced Communications & Data has a long history of operating SIP service, being one of the first local providers to offer service. Advanced Communications & Data's SIP Phone Service is already fully tested and compatible with nearly all PBX vendor's equipment. We have advanced tools that we can use to debug and quickly resolve any quality of service issues and traffic prioritization.

IP Enabled phone systems that work with Advanced Communications & Data SIP service

Some of the popular systems that are live and operational with our service are listed below; this is only a partial list. Please let us know if you have a system that you want to be tested. Our Customer Support and Network Operations staff are extremely familiar with setting SIP connections and debugging connectivity to PBX systems.

Supported Systems Include: 

  • All versions of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Session Controllers, and Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Routers, with VWIC cards, and ATA adapters.
  • All versions of Linksys® SIP phones, ATA adapters
  • All versions of Avaya® and Avaya Office system.
  • All Toshiba® Phone Systems
  • All versions of open source Asterisk and its derivatives.
  • All Adtran® Phones, PBX System, Netvanta routers, 9XX Series IADs, and 6XX series IADs (MGCP).
  • All versions of Aastra Phones.
  • Polycom Phones, Polycom conferencing Systems.

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