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T1 Service

ACD T1 Lines are highly reliable and are the mainstay service for businesses. T1 lines can be provided nearly everywhere, this map provides all of the Central Offices that ACD provides T1 lines out of. Businesses purchase T1 lines because they are a mature and refined technology and repair times on T1 lines that is very quick, often less than four hours. They are a highly standardized technology, and operate on SONET network equipment.

T1 Lines provide dedicated bandwidth of 1.536mb/s up and 1.536mb/s down per line. With ACD. T1 service, your broadband circuit is not limited by the distance from your business location to the local central office. ACD also provide T3 service, which is similar to T1 lines, but have a higher capacity of 44.6mb/s. At T3 line is equal to 28 T1 lines.

ACD provides T1 lines out of Central Offices. As as a liscenced telephone company with a significant amount of deployed infrastructure, ACD can offer T1's and T3's at unbeatable prices.


  • Dedicated Service - no questions about how much bandwidth you actually get.
  • Scalable, add more T1's and your bandwidth scales.
  • Fast Repair Time - Dedicated Telco personnel fix T1 lines.
  • Ubiquitous - available nearly anywhere.
  • Highly Standardized - Easy to install and maintain.
  • Operates over our highly reliable SONET network.


Over T1 lines ACD can provide Internet, Data, and iPBX Hosted Phone Service, Regular Phone (POTS) , ISDN-PRI and SIP connections. ACD's Integrated Voice and Data Bundled service is very cost effective, cutting costs for nearly all businesses over traditional services. In addition ACD provides the highest quality Cisco and Adtran managed routers, so you do not have to worry about buying expensive equipment.

Every T1 line is proactively monitored by our expert Network Operation Command Center. In the event a T1 is having a problem ACD's Customer Support system automatically creates a service ticket, and our Network Operations Center and Customer Support will start investigation and repair immediately. We proactively maintain all connections, and will notify you of any issues.

Multiple T1 lines can be bonded together on routing equipment. This means that you can increase your capacity simply by adding additional T1 lines. Bonded T1 lines this significantly increases the reliablity due added redundancy.

Point to Point T1 and T3 Circuits are dedicated connections that operate between two locations and operate on our SONET network. Point to Point T1's provide completely private links between sites.

ACD also provides Residential T1 lines, however they are a bit more costly and are usually purchased by residential customers that want high capacity with better reliability in rural markets, and cannot obtain DSL Service, or service from Cable companies.


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Chart of Bonded T1 Speeds
Qty of T1's Upload Speed Download Speed
1 1.544mb/s 1.544mb/s
2 3.088mb/s 3.088mb/s
3 4.632mb/s 4.632mb/s
4 6.176mb/s 6.176mb/s
5 7.720mb/s 7.720mb/s
6 9.264mb/s 9.264mb/s
7 10.808mb/s 10.808mb/s
8 12.352mb/s 12.352mb/s