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SONET Service

Cisco SONET used in ACD's network.

SONET Service is the underlying technology for much of our network backbone. ACD uses SONET to provide its own backbone connections, and also to connect our phone network to other telecommunication carriers. Although ACD is expanding our Ethernet service extensively, SONET service is required for many services, is highly reliable, and we are deploying additional SONET platforms in tandem with our Ethernet expansion.

SONET Service uses Time Division Multiplexing to provide circuit services, such as for Point-to-Point T1 lines and Point-to-Point T3 lines. In addition to T1 and T3, we also provide OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 lines using our SONET network. We can provision SONET service in our central offices and our fiber network. We also use the SONET network to interconnect with various other telecommunication carriers for phone switching traffic, and 911 traffic.

ACD's SONET network is fully redundant and operates on industry leading hardware and software systems. ACD has deployed Cisco ONS 15454 hardware through our network, and we transport traffic for both wholesale and retail customers. This platform is fully integrated into our network operations, so that if there is any issue with your T1 or higher service we are instantly notified, and our customer support and network operations staff immediately work on a resolution.