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Remote Hands

ACD's customer support is available 24 by 7 by 365 to help assist you with your collocation. If you need us to reset equipment, or do some minor adjustments (something that takes 15-30 minutes or less), we can often do so immediately. Just call us, or open a chat session, and let us know what you need us to do.

ACD employee resetting customer collocated equipment

ACD employee resetting a server for a customer

Some helpful tips to get the most out of remote hands:

  • Please be as specific and detailed as possible, as we don't know your equipment as well as you do.

  • Often times it is very helpful for you label all servers and cables prior to request, to ensure that it is clear what piece of equipment you want us to look at.

  • If there is a server you want us to terminal into, please make sure we are not firewalled from the system.

  • If you want us to console into a server, we can do so, but often it is important to have standardized resolutions, because our monitors may not be the same as yours. We recommend setting your screens to 1024*768.

  • If we need special tools or keys, please store them in you collocation cabinet and have them clearly labelled.

  • ACD is most available during the day and early evenings and during the day on weekends.

  • ACD does not assume any liablity whatsoever, including damage to equipment for remote hands service.

For Remote Hands services that are more than minor requests, or for racking and stacking equipment, there will be an additional charge. This additional price may be a fixed cost, or charged by the hour, depending on the scope of the request.