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Dedicated Point to Point T1 Lines

ACD provides dedicated high capacity Point to Point T1 Lines to many different entities, including other Telecommunications Firms, Internet Service Providers, Cell Phone companies, and Businesses that want Private Networking. ACD also provides dedicated T3/OC3/OC12 and higher services to all of our central offices as well as to many customer premises on our fiber network. We are a facilities based, licensed telecommunications firm that operates throughout Michigan.

Dedicated T1 Point to Point Lines are highly reliable, we proactively monitor each and every connection. Dedicated Point to Point connections operate on ACD's SONET infrastructure.

We can cross connect to other third parties that provide other portions of the loop, including AT&T, Verizon, and Level 3, Sprint and others. All connections are proactively monitored from our Network Operations Center.

We have unbeatable prices for both Agents and Partners as well as carriers. We provide very effective service to all locations within Michigan.

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