ACD provides Expanded Fiber Coverage Throughout Sturgis

ACD Provides Expanded Fiber Coverage Throughout the City of Sturgis

Expanding Coverage to Sturgis, MI


Lansing, MI - ACD and the City of Sturgis, has entered into an agreement for ACD to maintain the existing City of Sturgis fiber-optic network. As part of the agreement, ACD will be able to expand the network to provide gigabit fiber optic services across the network to area businesses.

Affordable Internet is key for businesses in Michigan. ACD has provided fiberoptic broadband and Internet services for over 28 years throughout Michigan

Additionally, ACD will expand connectivity by building a new fiber route to the City of Sturgis’s hydro-electric dam. This fiber route will enable remote monitoring of this important and environmentally friendly power generation system north of Centreville. ACD continues to be the go-to company in assisting numerous Michigan small towns and municipalities in operating, upgrading and maintaining their broadband networks. ACD operates and maintains community broadband networks in Michigan towns Holt, Eaton Rapids, Hillsdale and Dowagiac via joint operation and maintenance agreements ACD is able to expand the opportunities for various businesses and bring big-city broadband speeds at competitive prices over ultra-reliable fiber-optic networks. ACD’s team of 130 employees work with one goal in mind – to build more effective and reliable networks.

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How Do Fiber-Optics Work?

It's Fast, Really Fast - Limited by the electronics we connect to the ends. The current record is 15.5 Terabits per second over a distance of 7,000 km. That’s the equivalent of 10.3 million 1.5Mbps T1 Connections.

It's Secure - It’s far easier to tap into copper or electrical wiring than it is to tap into fiber-optic wiring in a surreptitious manner. Also, the financial investment of tapping into fiber is far greater than tapping into copper.

It Isn’t Affected by Weather - Because fiber cables carry light instead of electricity it's not disturbed by changes in temperature, rain, or virtually any other environmental condition. That being said, it is not immune to everything like a tree limb, a wayward automobile, or a backhoe.

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Why choose ACD?

ACD also provides 1000Mbps Internet to homes and businesses with Active Ethernet over fiber. Active Ethernet is faster and much more reliable than our competitors antiquated cable TV and DSL networks, and less robust fiber GPON networks. Using Active Ethernet ACD services have tremendously increased Internet download and upload speeds to 1,000 Mbps.

“We really look forward to doing business with Sturgis and optimizing fiber and safe and reliable networks in their area to help grow their businesses.” said ACD’s CEO Kevin Schoen.

For more information visit to qualify your address and sign-up. If you have any additional questions, please visit or email or call 517.999.9999.

Our local Account Executive is Mike Richmond, he can be reached at 517-999-3248, and for any requests for service on the network as well.

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