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Multi-Tenant Buildings

Internet Access for
Multi-Tenant Buildings
Advanced Communications & Data is a leading Internet Provider of solutions that deliver reliable broadband services within Multi-Tenant Buildings (MTU's) such as apartments, multi-tenant commercial properties, student housing, and hotels. 

Looking for a competitive edge?

ACD. Multi-Tenant Solutions enable building owners and property managers in the commercial real estate market to offer high-speed Internet access to their tenants. Multi-Tenant broadband service is cost effective turnkey option that helps you surpass the competition without significant capital outlay or construction time.

Stay ahead of the competition!

More and more properties are offering high-speed access to attract prospective tenants. Providing sophisticated communication services can increase your property value, as well as help you retain premier tenants and meet your leasing goals.

Save time and money!

With Multi-Tenant Solutions, there's very little time-consuming construction, cabling, or wiring necessary. Using existing telephone wiring, Advanced Communications & Data designs your network using a combination of DSL circuits, T-1 circuits, wireless technology and/or optical fiber.

Avoid customer-support hassles!

Advanced Communications & Data handles all the customer service for your tenants, so they call us, not you, if they have questions about their Internet access.

Choose how you're billed!

You can select the billing option that suits your needs. You can either bundle the Internet services with your tenants' monthly rent, or Advanced Communications & Data will invoice the customer directly.

For More Information for ACD. MTU services please contact our sales department at (517) 333-0998, option 5 or sales@acd.net.