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Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Service Registration

ACD Gigabit Ethernet service, provides speeds up to 1000mb/s up and down; far surpassing other technologies for raw capacity. Each and every fiber customer is professionally monitored from our Network Operation Command Center for maximum reliablity.

Compared to other fiber providers, we have a very deep backbone network, comprising of several layers of core MPLS switches and Routers. The fundamental difference betwen fiber providers and thier reliablity is the underlying network architechture. ACD uses Cisco Routers and Switches to provide this service, you can see who our network technology partners are here.

fiber prep work
fiber splicing

ACD is the most reliable provider. We have our own fiber crews, bucket trucks, splicing trailers, and engineering department to build fiber direct to your location at very low costs.

We are experts at fiber deployment, which is why the Federal Government has selected ACD to build and operate nearly a thousand mile fiber network to be built in over 32 counties throughout Michigan. For more information about our federal stimulus award, to see our backbone map, or to see our new routes in google earth you can click here.

Our metro fiber network extends into numerous metropolitan markets, including:
  • Lansing Metro
  • Grand Rapids Metro
  • Ann Arbor Metro
  • Jackson Metro
  • Battle Creek Metro
  • St. Joe/Benton Harbor Metro
  • Saginaw Metro
  • Areas of Detroit Metro

For more information click here.

ACD Fiber Map
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Comparison of Gigabit Ethernet Services
  ACD Dedicated Fiber Service Other Fiber Providers
Full Layer 3 routing available Yes Many utilize Layer 2 Spanning Tree Protocol - failover is at least 10 seconds to several minutes
Dual Logical Path Redundancy Yes - MPLS and Layer 3 Routing No
Cisco Router and Switch Backbone Yes Sometimes
Hitless <50ms Failover Yes - MPLS and Layer 3 Routing No
MPLS Backbone Connectivity Yes No
24 by 7 by 365 Proactive Monitoring Yes - ACD Network Operations Center No
Your location not dependant on Adjacent Sites Yes - ACD is always engineered to not be dependant on adjacent sites in ring topology No - Higher Risk
100% U.S. Based Customer Support Yes - Lansing, Michigan Maybe
In-House Fiber Build and Repair Yes - We own our fiber install hardware, splice trucks, and boom trucks. Sometimes
Quality of Service Yes - QOS with MPLS traffic Engineering Yes
Guaranteed Net Neutrality Yes Sometimes
Online Traffic Graphing Yes For additional fees
BGP Routing Availability Yes Sometimes
Guaranteed Nighttime Maintenance Yes Sometimes