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Fiber Construction

ACD constructs fiber optic cable plant. We build fiber to add segments to our own network. We also build fiber for customers, including Universal Services, Governments, and other businesses that need two or more locations connected.

Some large customers wish to have permanent ownership of dark fiber for their own transport equipment. To learn about entering a dark fiber agreements network, click here. To see our fiber maps click here.

ACD also offers Fiber and Wireless system testing services, including PIM Testing, or Passive Intermodulation Testing Services.

Fiber Construction

Handhole installation and underground conduit tracking.

Our outside plant construction group is comprised of highly experienced individuals. Our group has our own in-house engineering services that permits, builds, maintains and monitors fiber optic cable networks. We have all of the necessary equipment to build, repair, and maintain networks. Our equipment includes bucket trucks, splice trailers, boring machines, fiber meters, fiber detectors, Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR), and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) testing equipment. We also maintain inventory of outside fiber optic cable. We have and maintain all of the various insurances needed to handle various types of construction, including rail and highway crossings.

Fiber projects can be complex and composed of many different types of tasks. ACD can manage the entire project for you thereby removing the burden of dealing with the many tasks, some of which are:

  • Needs assessment
  • Detailed engineering: locate existing fiber, fiber joints, type and size of fiber, optimal routes.
  • Determine and obtain needed permits.
  • Deal with "make ready" items that include relocation of lines, equipment, additional routes, environmental change, and costs.
  • Identify premise entry locations.
  • Monitor construction: above and below ground.
  • Install premise equipment.
  • Connect fiber to premise equipment.
  • Test, tune, go live and support.
  • Turn up services, i.e. telephone, data transit and Internet access, with video forthcoming

ACD splice trailer with generator and four wheeler for pulling cable and strand.

Connecting Multiple Locations

Fiber Construction

Bucket Truck Operator securing himself in the truck for operation.

We can connect your multiple locations to our fiber network and provide private and secure, data, voice and video between the locations, and from the network to the outside Internet and telecom world. Additional locations may be integrated to your network using other media such as DSL, T1s, wireless and cable. Our MPLS based (see other pages) will make your wide area network easy to manage and scalable.