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ACD. Online Backup Vault - Guarantee the Availability of Your Data!
You already know that business data is an important asset of your company that you cannot afford to lose. If your company just backs up data on-site, i.e. within your office premises, there is a possibility that your data will be lost if a disaster strikes. Therefore, the most effective method to protect your data is to back up your data offsite. ACD. Online Backup Vault is an ideal offsite backup solution in safeguarding mission critical business data against loss caused by accidents and system failure.

Our client-side backup application is perfect for backing up file servers, email servers, and with the bundled database backup modules, database servers. It will automatically backup your servers based on the frequency you set, all data will be encrypted, compressed and backed up to ACD's secure datacenter via an encrypted channel. Retrieval and restoration is available 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world.
World Class Datacenter
Your backup data will be stored in our state-of-the-art datacenter on state-of-the-art Dual Redundant SAN's.
Robust Backup Features
ACD. Online Backup Vault comes with robust enterprise-class backup features specifically designed for businesses of any sizes. ACD's backup solution includes a server-side backup application that is a fully featured application for backing up file servers, email servers and database applications.
Multi Versioning
ACD.nets’s proprietary In-File Delta, Continuous Data Protection, and flexible retention policy allow a file to have multiple backup versions kept in’s backup server. A user can define the number of versions a file needs to be kept, as well as the duration of a deleted file that is required to be retained, based on his/her own need, or the company’s backup policy.
Offsite Protection
As your data is stored in a place far away from your office, in case of accidents such as natural disaster, human mishandling, hardware malfunctioning, or a system crash, your backup data will not be affected and are readily available for restore.
Technology Partner
Maximum 1000Mbit/s Dedicated Bandwidth
ACD. data center located in Lansing MI. With our multi-homed GigE Connections backing up 10GB of data can take less than hour to complete. In conjunction with our In-File Delta and seed-load technologies, backing up a large amount of data can be completed in a very short period of time.
Comprehensive Backup Reports
ACD. Online Backup will provide backup reports with detailed backup status and statistics to all users through email. For company subscribed to our Dedicated Storage plan, system administrators can even obtain in-depth reports about the whole backup system, such as various system log files, backup status of all users, error reports, etc.
Restore Data via the Internet
ACD. Online Backup Vault provides online data restore function, which allows user to restore backed up data through the Internet at any location. For example, when a staff urgently requires retrieving a file from ACD.nets’s backup server during a business trip, he/she can simply do it by logging in his/her backup account via any common web browser.
256-Bit Data Encryption
All user accounts will be password protected. Besides, all backup data will be 256-bit encrypted and compressed before uploading to ACD.nets’s backup server via secure encrypted connection channel. Moreover, the encryption key will not be uploaded to the backup server during backup. Therefore, backup data are securely protected.
Feature Description
Supports All Common Operating Systems Server Licenses
$9.95 per month.

$5.00 per 25GB storage
up to 500GB.
Supports All Common Databases
Microsoft Exchange Server Brick-Level Bakcup
Windows System Backup and Restore
Command Line Tool
Supports Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
Continous Data Protection
In-File Delta Technology
Open File Backup
Supports All Common Operating Systems
256-Bit Data Encryption
Flexible Bakcup Schedule
Web Based Data Restore
Auto Software Upgrade
Comprehensive Backup Report and Statistics
31 Languages
24/7/365 Support

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