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Advanced Communications & Data Residential Credit Check Policy

Advanced Communications & Data requests credit reports on customers signing up for service with ACD, regardless of how they desire to make payment. Advanced Communications & Data's policy is the same regardless of location, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or religion. Advanced Communications & Data's decision is based upon credit report provided by TransUnion, and the data contained therein. Advanced Communications & Data is not able to modify or correct any items on your credit report. If you feel your credit report is inaccurate or wish to have a copy of your credit report, please use the contact information shown below.

To Obtain Your Credit Information:
Credit Agency Name: TransUnion
Address: 2 Baldwin Place
Address: PO Box 10000
City, State, Zip: Chester, PA 19022
Phone: 1-800-888-4213
Website: www.transunion.com

In the event a potential customer has inadequate credit, Advanced Communications & Data will contact the customer to discuss the credit issue; and determine if the customer wishes to continue with ordering service. If the customer chooses to not continue to order service, Advanced Communications & Data will cancel the order without penalty.

Deposits are required if a potential customer has inadequate credit. Deposits are used to pay the upfront cost of installation, and first months of service, until such amounts deposited are used up, at which point the customer is billed.

A deposit is generally not required if a customer has good credit. Due to the nature and type of services provided, Advanced Communications & Data may adjust this credit policy for different services and situations. Below are the general deposit requirements for customers with inadequate credit. Advanced Communications & Data reserves the right to make adjustments for specific situations.

Deposit Requirements:
No credit score or under 600 credit score (with no other telecommunications companies in collections):
Broadband $150
Phone $150
Wireless $150
Phone/DSL Bundles $250
If there are one or more telecommunication or cable companies in collections, regardless of credit score:
Broadband $250
Phone $250
Wireless $250
Phone/Broadband Bundles $350

Advanced Communications & Data reserves the right to modify this policy at its discretion. Advanced Communications & Data reserves the right to deny or cancel service to customers who violate or have violated our Acceptable Use Policy, now or in the past.