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ACD. Internet Backbone Infrastructure
Advanced Communications & Data Internet Backbone Infrastructure.

Advanced Communications & Data's Internet Backbone is the portion of our network that handles direct connectivity from Advanced Communications & Data's network to various other networks. Advanced Communications & Data builds and maintains it's own fiber network. For example, we have constructed fiber directly to Level 3, AT&T and Verizon facilities. This makes our network far more redundant and connected. We do not have to go through third parties to implement changes, debug, or repair connections. Advanced Communications & Data maintains its own Fiber Optic SONET Network, which is capable of carrying multiple or various kinds of circuits to the backbone providers.

The value to our customers is that we are directly in control of the last mile connectivity to the major Internet Backbones. Should a connection fail Advanced Communications & Data has direct control over the connections. This virtually eliminates delays caused by third parties. Advanced Communications & Data has its own fiber engineers and construction staff in house. If there is a major problem we do not have to wait to get a third party for a repair in an emergency.

As depicted below, Advanced Communications & Data uses a two stage routed system for our backbone. Many providers do not use a two stage backbone. From a redundancy and security standpoint, we are able to completely separate our backbone interface points from our internal network. This greatly increases the control and granularity in the event of a Denial Of Service attack from both within our network and from the internet backbone. Redundant route servers allow us to test changes on our backbone prior to implementing them. Furthermore, because we have a two stage backbone interface to the internet, we are able to most efficiently route your data to the closest backbone.

To Signup for ACD. Business Service please contact our sales department at 1-877-422-3638 or (517) 999-9999 or email at sales@acd.net.