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ACD. FTTH/FTTB Fiber to the Home/Business
Fiber to the Home FTTH Available in:
  • Haslett, MI

Additional Areas will be Announced Soon!
Fiber is Amazing!
  • It's Fast - ACD GigZone Fiber Delivers a full Gig of Internet Speed!
  • It's Symmetrical - Fiber operates at the same 1000Mbps up or down.
  • It's Secure! - It's far easier to tap into copper or electrical wiring than it is to tap into fiber optic wiring in a surreptitious manner.
  • It Isn't Affected ByThe Weather! - Because fiber cables carry light instead of electricity it s not disturbed by changes in temperature, rain, or virtually any other environmental condition.
  • It's Green! - Fiber is good for the environment. It takes a lot more electricity to transmit a signal over copper infrastructure vs a fiber infrastructure.
If GigZone isn't available in your area please register your interest by registering your address by Clicking Here.

Available to you? $59.95 Per Month, $0 Install (Pre-Construction Pricing). Sign Up Here!

Haslett, MI